Tenant Finder

We help you find the right Tenants with our tenant finder process, we do the referencing to ensure they meet the standards. This is an important part of the process and we are the specialists.

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Rent collection

With Our Rent collection service , we provide you with the Tenancy agreements, Deposit scheme and ensure you rent collection is done on time as well as providing you guidance on mandatory requirements

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Full Managment

Let us take care of everything , From Legal paperwork from the start ; Tenancy , DPS , Rent collection,  maintenance management and renewals

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Estate Agent Dagenham

We are Estate agents in Dagenham, we have highly qualified agents to ensure the process of Sales and letting becomes easy and transparent. Finding a Estate agency in Dagenham that provides excellent service can be difficult.  If you are a landlord that has a home to let in Dagenham, we can rent out your property and find you suitable tenants.  With our internal referencing we ensure we find the highest quality tenants.  you might be wondering how much letting agents charge landlords, our fees are competitive and we have three different packages to suit your needs.

Property for Sale

Our Sales team ensures your property is marketed to the highest standards, this ensures you that we obtain the best market rates for your property. We take care of the  whole process from Marketing the property to completion. Putting your house for sale in Dagenham is an important move and estate agent Dagenham make the process simple.

Tenant Finder Services

Landlords depend on getting the right tenants who can pay their rent on time and take good care of the property they are rented. Reliable tenants are at the heart of a successful rental business, hence, the need for a warm relationship between the property owner the agent. There are several processes our agents will go through to find the right tenants for your property.

Not hiring a letting agent might save you some money, but you may find the process difficult if you do not specialise in the field Now a lot of potential clients would prefer if you hire a letting agent. They would feel more at ease dealing with the letting agent instead of the landlord.

Our agents would start by inspecting the property. This way we check its condition and evaluate suitable rent amount. If the condition is good and your rent demand is matched, we will take the case. We would do all the necessary advertisement and answer any client queries. We will show the property to the customers and will let you know if someone confirms. We would also get the tenancy agreement made and attend to any other possible paperwork.


Our Letting agents also provide maintenance contractors under the Full management package. Once a tenancy starts we provide the management of maintenance services as well. We will try to get the tenancy contract extended or find new client before the term is over.

We have list on Tenants on our register waiting for suitable properties.  A landlord cannot host this kind of facility. Our letting agency also have the advantage of knowing more about tenants and landlords, and if there is any dispute, we are capable of coming up with a better solution. These are huge advantages of hiring a letting agency.

Landlords, this way, are free from the hassle of searching for tenants. A landlord is also not burdened with managing tenants during their tenancy and providing maintenance services. Also, when a tenancy is about to end, we find new tenants. Hence, a landlord may not have any period when his property lies vacant.

You would be better off using an agency if you are a landlord. We know what is required and would find a better tenant. As a landlord, you will be looking for someone who pays all the dues on time and does not do damage to the property. A letting agency will always keep this in mind and whatever you pay them will be covered as a cost for the services, and you will not have to go through any hassle on your own.


Rent Collection

We have a rent collection package that come with our tenant finder package, this package provide the tenancy agreements and rent collection and also notifies you of your yearly duties.

Getting paid by your tenants every month is a good thing, but suppose if the landlord lacks a streamlined process for rent collection, it can be very hectic. Deciding on the reliable ways in which you will be accepting rent payments can ease your task of tracking the payments.


Factors Influencing Rent Collection Options

There are various factors which determine how rent collection process will be done. And these are:

• Number of Tenants or Rental Units- an owner of many rental units will not have to walk door to door collecting rent. One may employ banking means of rent collection.

• The distance of the property owner From the Property- In case one stays far, one may opt for electronic fund transfer or use of the third party.

• Interaction with Tenants- Some property owners love interacting with their clients, so they have a one on one interaction with them.

Rent Collection Options

There are several options for which rent is collected in London. Some of the best and known options include:

• Online-Online rent collection is one of the recent and reliable ways of accepting rental payments is online. There are several online sites which are used to offer rent collection service to landlords.

• Mail-There is an option where Agents can agree with their tenants to be sending their rental payments via cheque. This will save your time of having to collect the payments personally.

• Drop-Off Location-Sometimes agents select one of their property investing office where the tenants will be dropping the rent off at the location.

• In Person-As well, it is an option to individually collect rental payments from the tenants. This has the good part of allowing you to get the payment in your hands instantly. However, it is time-consuming and frustrating trying to coordinate pick-up times with every of your tenants.

Full Property Management

The property owner can delegate full management of his/her property to the Estate agent London. We provide a wide range of services, for example, managing the advertising of the rented property, searching and contacting of the previous records of tenancy with the other landlords, legal documentation needed for the letting and document signing, informing about safety and security, rules and regulations as well as making deposits from tenants. We also do an inventory check confirming the same with tenants and do a timely property inspection service.

Equally, a full property management service deals with issues like eviction or harassment problems, or other rental related problems like non-payment of rents. Our Greater London based agency work on percentage basis in which property owners pay a certain percentage of their gross rent to them. Property owners are encouraged to select a reliable agency  like estate agent London, rather than going for the cheap agents, go for the reputable agents which have a clear track record of expertise in the area.

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